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“At the age of 4, I was playing in the backyard of my parents' apartment. I was standing near a stone wall, I noticed a deep opening because of a missing stone. In the hole I noticed that there was a peculiar thing (at that age I had not seen anything like it yet) it was a thick, white spider web. When I got closer to observe it better, a huge spider quickly came out of its burrow, I was shocked deep down by this thing, so much so that I have had a phobia of spiders ever since.

I learned through Giorgia about this discipline, called Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC), and turning to her I asked if anything could be done about this fear of mine. She was immediately very kind and professional in explaining to me about how we could intervene.

It has been a profound experience, reliving that event going back to my childhood with the memory, but I was supported by Giorgia step by step to reprogram my perception and release these fears of mine we did what for me today is incredible. I do not know how to describe the perception immediately after the session, but what is certain is that the resolution was immediate. The proof was in finding myself immediately face to face in the garden with what was previously my nightmare, and instead my emotions were not disturbed in the least by this creature, I was already seeing it with different eyes is its sudden presence on my hand had no reaction from me.

I want to thank Giorgia infinitely for introducing and helping me with this wonderful discipline. I thank her as a woman, for her very pleasant ability to put me at ease and of her professionalism in accompanying me step by step to understand that nothing is impossible.

I am certain that I have found a reference point to turn to if I should, in the future, still need to resolve something profound that may interfere with my well-being.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Giorgia."

Fabrizio, 46 years.

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"Georgia is a highly skilled QEC practitioner. She intuitively connects with the issue and skilfully applied her advanced skills to support me with a specific issue. I felt more at ease and positive after each session with Georgia and within a very short period (6 weeks) I felt less held back by the issue we explored. I would highly recommend working with Georgia on any issues that are holding you back in your life."

Kit, 42 years.

“Coming close to the conclusion of a deeply transforming healing journey. And looking back, with gratitude for Giorgia, who has held my hand all the way, - allowing me to be me, ready to contribute with her resourcefulness, her skills, her innate knowing, her genuine respect and absolute reliability. Giorgia has my warmest recommendations!"

Gaia, 68 years.

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“ How 11 weekly sessions of QEC with Giorgia Costantino have helped me:

The past 11 weeks of QEC sessions have been a time of solitude and transformation for me. I feel the solitude was necessary for me to make important changes in my life as I released old damaging beliefs and installed new ones.

There is obviously always more that can be done, but I am amazed at the changes in just 11 weekly sessions of QEC.

My financial situation, work situation, home life, relationships, boundaries, diet, physical well-being and peace of mind have improved and, in most instances, been transformed. Initially the sessions helped me to leave, and not return to, a toxic relationship with a violent and abusive ex-partner, which had left me exhausted, anxious, ashamed, afraid, and without work, money or friends.

From the first session I began to recover a sense of safety, trust and hope.

Within three weeks I had started a new job teaching in a local high school, which I found challenging and rewarding, and which increased my self-esteem, gave me the company of new colleagues and allowed me to pay for my rent and food.

Throughout this process I have also watched many talks, podcasts, videos and read books recommended to me by Giorgia, at my request, and these have helped me understand many aspects of the process, making QEC a process of learning and discovery for me.

I decided to go through the “trauma process” at Giorgia´s invitation: an intensive process of remembering and looking at the trauma I have experienced from pre-birth to my teenage years, in stages, forgiving and releasing the causes and protagonists of those past traumas, and then rebuilding myself as required.

The process of constructing sentences to be installed is thorough and precise.

In the beginning I remember that I was unable to think of a single sentence to construct, because I was afraid to even believe in a future for myself, but by the third session and through to the eleventh session I became good at constructing the sentences myself because Giorgia had taught me how the process worked, so that I could use it.

Giorgia has always been extremely generous with her time and her knowledge, sharing what she has learnt about the process of QEC. I am very fortunate.

In our sessions we have been dealing with issues at my workplace as they come up. Forgiving the people involved, looking at how current issues in my life are repetitions or echoes of past situations in my life and taking the opportunity to release and forgive them as they are evoked, allowing me to examine and deal with the current issues free from past trauma.

In each of the stages of the QEC process it has been tremendously important to establish, with Giorgia, enough stability in order to be able to create and live free from fear and compulsions.

QEC sessions have brought me to a place where I can identify the cause of my anxiety or anger or fear and take steps to make the changes necessary to feel good and well and whole in the world, allowing me to show up and be present in my life. I have learnt how to identify the root causes of my negative feelings and by forgiving them, release them.

At the same time, I have learnt to identify my true desires and move towards them, to rebuild a life that I love.

I was in a place of deep despair, grief and fear before beginning the process, and QEC enabled me to find the tools within myself become empowered and embrace my freedom and independence.

Each time we installed the new sentences in the second half of each session I was amazed at the images and visions that rose to the surface of my consciousness and allowed me to see and experience my life in a completely different way.

It is also amazing how different parts of the body seem to hold different negative beliefs embedded in them.

I would like to do more QEC in the future, I am very grateful for all it has shown and taught me. I feel it is also very much about the relationship between the practitioner and the client.

The simple act of heart coherence, combined with Giorgia´s deep listening, selfless presence and generosity throughout this process allowed me to focus on my own learning and growth. I am very grateful.”

Kim, 46 years.

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“I have been given the opportunity to experiment the QEC therapy and I could realize his power and effectiveness. In my treatment I faced some old dynamics of my life and especially the problem I always used to meet with my teeth, and believe me, these used to look like a nightmare for me. Since very early in my life I used to have many dental problems and I developed a very bad relationship with my teeth.

I used to feel angry, frustrate and completely powerless not only as for the fact that this kind of problem brings pain, but also because the solution is normally very expensive. So, through this effortless therapy under the wise guide of Giorgia I've achieved an unknown deep connection and good filling with my teeth, and it happened suddenly.

Then I've been given immediately a field-test as a new little problem popped-up on my teeth and I had to face it: my inner feeling was completely different and I could solve it in a easier way....and it was even less expensive than usual.

I couldn't believe!! I'm very grateful to you, Giorgia! ...From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!.”

Rachele, 63 years.

“Giorgia accompanied me for about 3 months as a QEC coach.

It was unbelievable how she managed with the QEC method to free my subconscious from old burdens, so that I could start anew.

Deep-seated programming disappeared and were replaced by better ones.

The first results came in a few weeks.

Thank you Giorgia - the coaching was fun and brought the desired results.”

Antonio, 57 years.

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